Hello world!

What is meant of life?

There are super cool quotes about life every where.  I’ve collected them myself.  But now that I’ve lived 60 years, I wonder about the validity of those quotes.  I guess it is all stirred through my own hardships through life;  from being transplants from another country, being brought up poor, through incurable ailments, two harsh marriages, and financial worries.  Seems everyone had these worries sometime in their life so I didn’t think anything of it.

Everything is different now that I’ve finally learned to look inwards from each of these experiences.  And I don’t like how life looks.

Everyone would tell me to get busy, stop thinking so much, but I am probably the busiest person among my surrounding.  I am so exhausted. My body is weary. My mind is troubled.  I can’t seem to find a way out, but one.

Eventually, instead of “Hello World”, I will end my final blog with “Goodbye World”.

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